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Cable and wire products are one of the main elements of many engineering systems. It is made from various materials such as copper, aluminum, steel and other metals, as well as plastics and rubber. Cords, wires and cables are elements that no modern device can do without. Their task is to ensure the transmission of electrical energy and data. Our company STEMAG GROUP offers a wide range of cable and wire products of various types and configurations.

Variety of cable and wire products

  • Power cables. One of the types of cable and wire products offered by manufacturers are power cables. They are used to transfer electrical energy from source to consumer. Also, depending on the purpose, power cables can be of different types and brands.
  • Communication cables. Another type of cable and wire products that can be found in the assortment is communication cables. They are used to transmit signals between various devices and systems. Communication cables can be either single-core or multi-core, depending on the requirements for information transmission.
  • Cables for video surveillance and security alarm systems. They have a special design that allows video and control signals to be transmitted over distances of up to several kilometers. Cables for video surveillance and security alarm systems can be either coaxial or twisted pair.
  • Data cables. One of the most popular cable and wire products is data cables. They are used in computer networks, communication systems and other engineering systems. Data cables can be either twisted pair or fiber optic.

In addition, there are a variety of cables for heating and ventilation systems. They are used to transmit electrical energy to heating and ventilation systems. Cables for heating and ventilation systems can be either single-core or multi-core.

Our assortment includes cords, wires and cables with different cross-sections, insulation, conductor materials and many other characteristics. We guarantee high quality products and their compliance with all necessary standards.

Advantages of cooperation with STEMAG GROUP

At STEMAG GROUP you can order and buy cable and wire products with the required technical characteristics at a reasonable price with the possibility of delivering goods to the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia.

The company provides:

  • supplying only high-quality cable and wire products from reliable, trusted manufacturers;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • the ability to order delivery of goods to their destination in the most convenient and profitable way for the customer.
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