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Meters regulators

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Meters-regulators are high-precision instruments designed to measure and regulate various quantities, such as temperature, flow, pressure, medium level in a container. Data received from external sensors is converted into constant voltage or current values. Such measuring devices are integrated into modern automation systems. The received data can be archived in the device itself and/or transmitted via digital interfaces.

What problems do measuring and control devices solve?

Technological meters-regulators — IRT — are used in automatic systems for monitoring, control, and regulation of various technical processes. Such devices are used in:

  • mechanical engineering;
  • food industry;
  • petrochemical and chemical industries;
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy;
  • housing and communal services;
  • energy;
  • agriculture.

Design options for measuring instruments and regulators

Most models have a universal input that allows you to connect any external sensor. The devices have a different number of channels — 1, 2, 6, 8. Their design may contain:

  • transistor optocouplers that control low-voltage solid-state or electromagnetic relays;
  • optocouplers that allow you to control the operation of a powerful triac;
  • output designed for direct control of a solid-state relay;
  • analog output, which allows you to control electronic regulators and transfer the received values to the archiver.

Meter-controllers may contain: LED or liquid crystal display, a device for digital indication of interference, programming modes.

Recommendations for choosing a meter-regulator

Before purchasing you need to determine:

  • technical problems that the device must solve and operating conditions;
  • required accuracy class and frequency of measurements;
  • required functionality;
  • availability of additional devices.

Questions and answers

What are the advantages of multichannel meters-regulators?

Such devices can receive signals from several sensors at once and perform the functions of indicators for several controlled quantities.

What advantages do microprocessor-based meters-regulators have?

These modern controllers allow you to: measure and accurately regulate several process parameters, analyze, process and store results in databases, transfer them to Excel tables or display them graphically. MP devices allow you to connect up to 40 devices.

Where can meters and regulators be placed?

The device body can have different designs, which allows you to choose the appropriate option for mounting on a panel in a cabinet door, on a wall, or on a DIN rail.

Benefits of cooperation with STEMAG GROUP

In company STEMAG GROUP you can choose from the catalog and buy a meter-regulator, price — on request.

STEMAG GROUP provides:

  • sale of meters and regulators with the required technical characteristics from reliable manufacturers;
  • professional advice on technical, financial and organizational issues;
  • compliance with contractual deadlines.
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