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Gearmotors are devices that combine an electric motor and a mechanical gearbox. They are used to change speed and increase torque when transmitting movement from the motor to the mechanism. Geared motors are widely used in various fields, including manufacturing, transportation, energy, robotics and other sectors.

The main components of the geared motor include:

  • Electric motor: This is the main source of energy in the gear motor. It can be electric, gas, pneumatic or hydraulic. The electric motor itself can be either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC).
  • Mechanical gearbox: The gearbox converts speed and torque from the motor and transmits it to the mechanisms. A gearbox typically consists of gears, pinions, and other mechanisms to change the transmission ratio and achieve the required motion characteristics.
  • Housing and Bearings: Geared motors are equipped with a housing to protect internal components and ensure stable mounting. They also usually contain bearings to ensure smooth rotation of the shafts and avoid wear.
  • Other components: Geared motors may also have other components such as brakes, cooling systems, and various sensors to monitor and protect the device.

Geared motors are selected based on application requirements such as required speed, torque, efficiency, energy type and other factors. They come in a variety of sizes, capacities and features to suit the specific needs of a project.

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