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Pressure and vacuum sensors are devices that contain a primary conversion unit with a sensitive element and an output signal generation circuit. The design usually provides additional elements for connection to other equipment and protection from external negative factors. Industrial pressure sensors are widely used in many branches of scientific and industrial activity in measurement, monitoring and control systems.

Types of pressure measurement sensors depending on their purpose

Depending on the model, these devices are designed to perform various technical tasks and work in different operating conditions. There are pressure sensors:

  • absolute — measure the indicator relative to absolute zero;
  • relative — measure this characteristic relative to a set value;
  • excess — show excess value relative to atmospheric pressure;
  • sensor-relays — have a main and additional relay control output;
  • hydrostatic — they are used to take measurements in a liquid medium;
  • vacuum — designed for use in a vacuum environment.

Features of choice

These devices can take the form of a separate device or be integrated into multifunctional devices. When choosing a suitable model, consider:

  • Required installation option. Measuring devices can be installed on pipes and tanks, immersed in containers, and integrated into the production line.
  • Measuring range. It is better to select it taking into account the theoretically possible maximum and minimum values.
  • Type of measured pressure — absolute, relative, gauge, vacuum, gauge-vacuum.
  • Characteristics of controlled substances and work environment conditions.

Areas of use

These devices are most often used in:

  • energy — at nuclear power plants, thermal power plants and hydroelectric power stations;
  • oil and gas industry for monitoring the parameters of high-temperature environments in well bores, as well as for taking measurements during oil separation, in tank farms, when maintaining commercial accounting of oil and petroleum products;
  • in metallurgy — to control the processes of production of metal products under pressure or in vacuum;
  • in the housing and communal services sector — when supplying heat and energy carriers and mutual settlements.

Questions and answers

We need to select a sensor to service expensive equipment operating at a pressure of 1 MPa and high temperature. What type of devices is best suited for this purpose?

To solve this problem, you need a highly sensitive sensor that can be connected to a PC for quick readings. One of the possible options is a capacitive-type electrical device with a diaphragm as an elastic element.

Pressure sensors are sometimes called pressure gauges. Is it correct?

This is not entirely true, since a pressure gauge is a full-fledged device that shows the measurement result in a form convenient for a person. A sensor is only an element of an instrument or system that perceives, transforms and transmits a signal for further processing.

Where can vacuum sensors be useful?

Most often they are used in boiler and ventilation systems.

Advantages of cooperation with STEMAG GROUP

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The company provides:

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