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Rotary piston industrial pumps

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Rotary piston industrial pumps are highly efficient equipment used in various industries. They work on the principle of moving fluid through the interaction of a piston and a rotor, which ensures the reliability and durability of the pumps. Rotary piston industrial pumps have many advantages over other types of pumps. They have high power, reliability and durability. This allows them to be used in a wide variety of industries, including chemical, food, oil and gas.

Principle of operation:

Based on the movement of the piston inside the cylinder. In this case, the piston moves the liquid, which comes from the corresponding hole in the pump housing. At the same time, the rotor rotates, which ensures the movement of liquid from one point to another. One of the main advantages of rotary piston industrial pumps is their high performance. They can move large volumes of liquid in a short time, making them an ideal choice for industrial applications.

Advantages and disadvantages

Thus, rotary piston industrial pumps are faster. They operate at very high speeds. High reliability of the design is ensured by the absence of bypass valves, as well as an increase in pump efficiency and, finally, a reduction in power losses. The disadvantage of these pumps is the complexity of the design, rather low reliability, and high repair costs.

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