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Hydraulic hoses

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High and low pressure industrial hydraulic hoses enable the transport of petroleum and water-based fluids with minimal loss. Our assortment includes products made of rubber and thermoplastic with textile and metal braiding and spirals. We offer products from leading brands Hydac, Parker Hannifin, and Russian Hoses. It is intended for use in control and power transmission systems. The main type of fluid used in hoses is hydraulic oil.

The multilayer structure is reinforced with:

  • textile braiding in 1–2 layers;
  • steel braiding in 1–3 layers;
  • spirally wound braid of steel wire in 4–6 layers.

When purchasing hoses, take into account the diameter, maximum operating pressure, operating temperature range, abrasion resistance and elasticity. Highly elastic products have a smaller bending radius. Products are supplied to order, the price can be checked with the manager.

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