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Welding generators are devices that are used to produce electrical energy necessary for welding work. They work based on the process of induction, where the magnetic field created by the generator induces an electric current in a coil of wire, which is then used for welding.

One of the main advantages of welding generators is their mobility. They can be easily moved from place to place, making them ideal for use on construction sites, workshops and other sites where welding work is required.

There are several types of welding generators, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages. Below are some of them:

  • Gasoline: they run on gasoline and are the most mobile. They have little power and are not suitable for working with large volumes of metal.
  • Diesel: This type of generators runs on diesel fuel and has more power than gasoline ones.
  • Gas: use natural gas as fuel and have high power.
  • Inverter: These are modern generators that provide high precision welding thanks to the use of inverter technology.
  • Combined: generators that run on different types of fuel, such as gasoline, diesel, etc.

Also, welding generators are highly efficient and economical. This makes them more cost effective compared to other energy sources for welding. They also provide safety and ease of use due to their simple design and easy operation.

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