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RTI (Rubber products)

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Rubber rubber products are products made from rubber or rubber-like materials. Rubber is an elastomeric material that has unique properties such as elasticity, flexibility, resistance to wear and aggressive environments.

Examples of RTI include:

  • Tires and tires are the most common and well-known examples of rubber products. They are designed to ensure safety and comfort while vehicles are moving.
  • Rubber Gaskets and Seals — These are used in a variety of industries to fill gaps, seal joints, and prevent the penetration of moisture, dust, and other harmful substances.
  • Gaskets and diaphragms for medical and household devices — they serve to tightly connect various parts of devices and ensure the correct operation of mechanisms.
  • Rubber belts and drive belts — These are used in machinery to transmit power and ensure long-lasting operation of a variety of devices, from washing machines to industrial machinery.
  • Rubber Sleeves and Hoses — These are designed to transfer liquids, gases or air in various industries including agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, etc.

RTI (rubber products) are an integral part of many industries. They play an important role in ensuring the safety, comfort and efficiency of various processes and devices.

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