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Carriages and guides are two components of linear bearings designed to move an object along a straight line. They provide smooth and precise motion and are used in various fields where linear motion is required such as manufacturing, automation, mechanical engineering, etc.

  • Carriage is a mechanical device that provides support and movement of an object. It is attached to the main structure and may have intermediate elements such as ball or roller bearings that allow the carriage to slide along the guide.
  • Guide — this is the element along which the carriage moves. It can be made in the form of a simple straight rail or have a profile that provides additional rigidity, precision and smooth movement. Guides can be linear bars, traverses or rails.

The combination of carriage and guide allows an object to be moved along a specific axis with minimal friction and without play. They can be powered by a variety of methods, including manual, mechanical, pneumatic or electric power.

The choice of specific carriage and guide depends on load, speed, accuracy and environmental requirements, as well as the specific characteristics of the application.

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