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High-pressure apparatus (HPA) is equipment designed for washing various contaminated surfaces. It is designed for intensive use under high load conditions and a wide temperature range. The powerful jet of water supplied by the AED is able to cope with even the most difficult contaminants on vehicles, building facades, paths, technological equipment, monuments, and bridges. Such washing equipment is used at service stations, communal enterprises, in industry and agriculture, and in everyday life.

Types of high-pressure water jets

The type of AED is selected depending on the planned application and budget. They are:

  • Household or professional. Household models produce a water jet at a pressure of up to 150 bar, professional high-pressure washing machines — up to 500 bar, ultra-high pressure — up to 2500 bar.
  • Stationary and mobile. Stationary devices are usually used in service stations, manufacturing and agricultural enterprises. Mobile AEDs, designed for cleaning work in different places, can even move over uneven surfaces.
  • Designed to work only with cold or cold/hot water. High-pressure devices designed for washing with hot water can be connected to a hot water supply system or have an element in the design for heating it.
  • Autonomous or powered from the electrical network. Devices of the first type allow you to clean surfaces in places remote from centralized power supplies.

There are various attachments available for sale that are designed to solve specific technical problems.

Pros of using an AED

  • maintainability;
  • ease of operation and maintenance;
  • durability.

Advantages of cooperation with STEMAG GROUP

At STEMAG GROUP you can order and buy high-pressure washing machines, components, accessories of optimal design and prices with delivery to the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia.

STEMAG GROUP provides:

  • supplies of high-quality AEDs with a manufacturer’s guarantee and at prices recommended by the manufacturer;
  • professional advice on choosing suitable devices and accessories;
  • solving complex problems of equipping enterprises with washing and other equipment;
  • warranty service;
  • flexible terms of cooperation.
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