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Solenoid valves

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An electromagnetic (solenoid) valve is a volatile device designed to regulate the flow of working media in pipeline systems. It is used when transporting air, water, petroleum products, gaseous media, acids and alkalis. Can be installed using various fastening systems on a part of the pipeline to which free access is provided. The main structural components of the device are a housing, a solenoid coil, and a locking part, the functions of which can be performed by a membrane or a piston. Direct-acting models have a plunger in the design.

Types of Solenoid Valves

The STEMAG GROUP product range includes devices of various functionality.

How much a solenoid valve costs depends on its technical characteristics, including:

  • material from which the body is made — brass, stainless steel, polymer materials, cast iron;
  • connection type — flange, coupling, quick-release;
  • operating principle — direct and indirect;
  • type of design — normally open and normally closed.

Applications for solenoid valves

These devices are used:

  • for watering gardens and vegetable gardens when it is necessary to supply dosed volumes of liquid, in closed irrigation systems;
  • in public sewer systems;
  • on pipeline systems of industrial enterprises.

Features of choice

One of the important parameters taken into account when choosing a solenoid valve is the material from which the body is made:

  • polymeric materials — used in systems with low temperatures and pressure;
  • brass — products with a brass body are the most popular due to their versatility;
  • stainless steel — used in difficult operating conditions, due to its resistance to extreme temperatures, temperature changes, high pressure, and certain aggressive environments.

Flange models are in demand for pipelines with large diameters. For systems with low fluid flow, direct-acting valves that quickly respond to an electrical signal are suitable. Indirect-acting devices are used when there is a significant flow rate of the working medium.

Advantages of cooperation with STEMAG GROUP

In the STEMAG GROUP online store you can buy solenoid valves at reasonable prices by choosing the appropriate option from the catalog or with the help of our consultants.

The company provides:

  • sale of high-quality solenoid valves from proven and reliable manufacturers;
  • consultations on all issues that interest you — the cost of products, their technical characteristics, delivery conditions;
  • strict fulfillment of contractual deadlines.
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