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Pneumatic equipment

Air treatment
Air treatment
Connections, fitting
Connections, fitting
Control valves
Control valves
Linear drives
Linear drives
Pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic valves
Pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic valves
Servos and controls
Servos and controls
Solenoid valves
Solenoid valves

Modern pneumatic equipment allows you to increase the efficiency of the enterprise. The catalog presents various groups that convert the energy of compressed air into mechanical energy.

Pneumatic cylinders.

  • Fastening elements for pneumatic cylinders.
  • Sensors


  • Electromagnetic air distributors.
  • Mechanical air distributors.
  • Pneumatic pedals.
  • Plates for electromagnetic distributors.
  • Pneumatic controlled distributors.


  • Solenoid valves.
  • Pneumatic controlled valves.

Air preparation.

  • Air preparation units made of two elements.
  • Air preparation units made of three elements.
  • Filters with pressure regulators.
  • Pressure regulators.
  • Oil sprayers.

Connecting elements.

  • Fitting.
  • Pneumatic tubes.
  • Quick connect connections.

Additional elements.

  • Pneumatic throttles.
  • Spare parts

classification of pneumatic equipment and spare parts:

  • Pneumatic cylinders and fastening elements for them, as well as sensors. Pneumatic cylinders, depending on the principle of operation, can be divided into two types: single-acting and double-acting. The working stroke of the piston in cylinders of the first type is carried out in one direction. In double-acting cylinders, useful work is performed both during forward and reverse stroke of the piston.
  • Distributors. There are mechanical and electromagnetic air distributors and components for them. We also produce air pedals, plates for electromagnetic distributors and air-controlled distributors.
  • Equipment for air preparation. These are mainly blocks of two and three elements, oil nozzles, pressure regulators, as well as filters together with pressure regulators.
  • Valves of various actions.
  • Elements for connecting mechanisms in the form of fittings, quick-release connections, as well as pneumatic tubes.

Additionally, you can order various types of pneumatic throttles and spare parts.

Industrial pneumatics are multifunctional. It can change the direction of air in pneumatic drives, switch pneumatic signals, ensure pressure stability, protect devices from overloads, etc. Each individual piece of equipment performs a specific function, and the proper operation of all equipment largely depends on the quality of this part. Our website presents high-quality pneumatic equipment from leading manufacturers, which will ensure uninterrupted, stable operation of equipment with process automation and acceleration. Due to the fact that the devices operate on the basis of compressed air, there are no strong overloads. This guarantees safe and durable operation of the devices.

We offer our clients:

  • products of excellent quality that meet established standards;
  • varied assortment;
  • qualified assistance in choosing pneumatic equipment;
  • delivery in a short time.

You can get acquainted with the full range of pneumatic equipment and its features, cost, technical characteristics at any time convenient for you. When choosing industrial pneumatic equipment, you need to pay attention to its technical characteristics. In particular, these are the maximum permissible switching frequency, dimensions, weight, response time leakage, pressure level, etc. It is also important to consider the type of control, since it is different for each model. If necessary, a qualified specialist will help you choose an option based on your tasks and requirements. You can also inexpensively purchase Vickers valves from us, which will ensure stable operation of the devices.

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