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Machine tools are machines that are used to process materials. They can be manual or automatic and their use depends on the type of work to be done.

Main types of machines:

  • Lathes — used for processing round workpieces.
  • Milling machines — designed for processing flat surfaces.
  • Grinding machines — used for grinding and polishing surfaces.
  • Laser machines — used for cutting and engraving materials.

Machine tool components may include various parts such as bearings, belts, shafts, gears, etc. These are essential to ensure the proper functioning of the machine and its accuracy.

  • Bearings — provide smooth running and support rotating elements.
  • Belts — transmit torque from the engine to the working element.
  • Shafts — serve to transmit rotation from one element to another.
  • Gears — change the speed of rotation of the shaft.
  • Pulleys — needed to tension the belt.
  • A reducer is a mechanism that is used to change the speed and direction of movement of a liquid or gas flow. It consists of a housing, inlet and outlet pipes, shafts, gears and other elements.
  • A hydraulic pusher is a device for moving loads in a horizontal plane. It operates on the basis of hydraulic energy and consists of a piston, cylinder, rod, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor.
  • A detachable guide is a part that is used to fasten and move objects in a vertical plane.
  • A nozzle is a cone-shaped opening that is used to direct the flow of liquid or gas in a specific direction. Nozzles can have different sizes and shapes, depending on their purpose.

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